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2007-03-01-01 The Supreme Court of South Carolina

The Supreme Court of South Carolina


The sixteen Judicial Circuit Solicitors agree to develop with the Chief Justice and implement criminal case management systems in each county throughout the State of South Carolina. The Circuit Solicitors will work directly with the Chief Justice on an ongoing basis to develop individual Consent Orders for each county within 180 days of the date of this Order. An extension of time may be granted by the Chief Justice for good cause shown.

  s/Jean H. Toal
Chief Justice

Columbia , South Carolina

March 1, 2007

We consent

s/ David M. Pascoe, Jr.                    
Solicitor, First Judicial Circuit
s/ Ralph E. Hoisington                      
Solicitor, Ninth Judicial Circuit
s/ Barbara R. Morgan                       
Solicitor, Second Judicial Circuit
s/ Christina T. Adams                       
Solicitor, Tenth Judicial Circuit
s/ C. Kelly Jackson                            
Solicitor, Third Judicial Circuit
s/ Donald V. Myers                           
Solicitor, Eleventh Judicial Circuit
s/ Jay E. Hodge, Jr.                           
Solicitor, Fourth Judicial Circuit
s/ E.L.(Ed) Clements, III                    
Solicitor, Twelfth Judicial Circuit
s/ W. Barney Giese                           
Solicitor, Fifth Judicial Circuit
s/ Robert M. Ariail                            
Solicitor, Thirteenth Judicial Circuit
s/ Douglas A. Barfield, Jr.                 
Solicitor, Sixth Judicial Circuit
s/ Isaac McDuffie Stone, III               
Solicitor, Fourteenth Judicial Circuit
s/ Harold W. Goudy, III                       
Solicitor, Seventh Judicial Circuit
s/ J. Gregory Hembree                     
Solicitor, Fifteenth Judicial Circuit
s/ Jerry W. Peace                              
Solicitor, Eighth Judicial Circuit
s/ Kevin S. Brackett                          
Solicitor, Sixteenth Judicial Circuit

February 28, 2007